How it all began

Running a Business is never an easy task. And if you are starting a new, then its even more challenging.  Reaching out new opportunities, new clients is something which is a regular activity.  When I started to look for options to kick off business, I could see lot of services although available, but are closed one. They are just interested in the registration amount. Even the business leads / inquiries are sold.  The same business inquiry is shared with many similar business. Overall creating a situation of paying for getting inquiries, but the inquiries are not getting converted to actual order.

That’s  where I thought of creating a open platform where any business across India can register, his details he himself will share, and will be accessible to all. The purpose of business is to be reachable… 

We think, by not sharing business details, we are adding one more layer of information hiding.

Enjoy open business Platform !!


Anand Khatri

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