How you can make use of this platform?

First thing first. You need to register under any portal of your interest. Its quite possible that some portals may not interest you. Registering is very simple, you need to create your own login ID by giving email address. This email address will be mailed immediately by system, which you have to confirm. Thats all.

After account is created, you can login to the portal and start making use of it. For example, a classified portal enables you to post ads for your product or services. Kindly share details like email address, city, and category of business. You should always register your business in required category, so that you are searchable. Always remember, the data shared while creating the account is PUBLIC. So you should share the details, which you want everyone to know, and you are reachable through it.

The classified portal is for advertising. The B2B portal is primarily for posting your inquiries. This will enable you to float your inquiries across India with a single click. The people registered under that category will be automatically notified for the new inquiry. The eligible people will revert back to you with their best quotation. …. this is doing Business in a SMART WAY !!

The Real estate portal is pretty straight forward, enabling you and your employees to seek any realestate need for purchase, lease or rent. Real-estate agents can also get registered.

The Blog portal will enable you to have detailed write-up about your product and competitor’s product. Such comparison will enable the customers to choose the right product. This way you can get best leverage of your product capabilities and specific market segment you want to focus.

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